Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me!

Acting Balanced

I've done this meme before and enjoyed it, so here I am again!  If you would like to participate on your own blog, you can click the badge above and it will take you to Acting Balanced and you can answer the four questions and add your own for readers to respond to in the comments!  Don't forget that fifth question and please don't forget to respond to mine in the comments!

1. Are you good about going to the doctor?
No - I'm horrible!  I will go when I am really sick or know that I am in need of some antibiotics, but other than that, I hate going to the doctor and the dentist.  I have made it one of my goals to take better care of myself by keeping up with my regular self-care rather than waiting for emergencies to hit.  But, we'll see how good I am with follow through.

2. What do you think about the practice of restaurants adding automatic tips for large groups or specific events?
I don't have a problem with it really.  I have rarely thought that I would give the server less than what is added and I often will add on a bit more.  Since I travel a lot with college students, I can see where these servers would often not get even close to what they deserved without this automatic add-in.  

3. When was the last time you went out for dinner?
 Because I travel for work so often, I eat out all the time!  I was good and did not go out at all while home this past week, but I was traveling the weekend before last, so I went out then.  I like going out to eat, but it is easy to get a little burnt out when you are forced to do it all the time.  I love cooking at home, but both my husband and I hate cleaning up afterwards, so it takes a little discipline for us to eat at home consistently.

4. What is your best budget saving tip for recovering from an unexpected expense or planning for one?
If only I knew!  We are dealing with a recovery from a number of unexpected expenses - tax bill, car issues, the holidays (non unexpected, but always seems more expensive than we planned for), etc.  So, I have been trying to only shop for what we really need (I am an impulse shopper extraordinaire, so get me in a store and I'm going to walk out with something I didn't go there for).  For me, that is the best budget savings tip.  I tried couponing for a little while, but I found I was ending up with a bunch of stuff we didn't want or need and going to the store all the time was causing me to buy other stuff we didn't need.  So, in the end, I just didn't have the discipline to actually save money couponing.  So, I would say avoid shopping except with a list and think about using online vendors when possible, because you just order what you need instead of wondering around aimlessly in a store!  

And, my Fifth Question for you to answer in comments is:
What is your best idea for an easy, but fun, preschooler birthday party?  


  1. My granddaughter had a "Hungry Caterpillar" theme for one of her parties. My DIL made the cake. Another theme could be "Dora" or "Spiderman". I would check out the Dollar store to see what is in at the moment and save money at the same time.

  2. If the weather permits, a park with a playground. Kids at that age have a lot of energy, and parks are the best place to get that energy out.

  3. I second the playground picnic. Easy, lots of great pictures and cheap. Thanks for joining in on the MQAM. Looking forward to seeing you again next week.